National Parks & Resorts Management

The Challenge

The company wants to remain true to the legacy of hospitality and continue to set the standard for ecologically sound resorts that complement, not harm their natural surroundings. Each and every property managed is unique to its offering and surrounding environment. Therefore creating an extreme challenge when developing a Risk Audit program to highlight all issues creating a financial profit drain.

In addition, each property has unique demographic, cultural and physical attributes that have to be taken into consideration in building an effective Risk and Loss Prevention Compliance Program.  CRS has been able to assist the client in building the Risk & Loss Prevention Program to account for all of the unique variables by property to assist in mitigating the risks associated at each location.

Our Approach

  • Research and Diagnostics were completed initially that were specific to each properties offerings, and environment. This allowed us to incorporate property specific recommendations based on state laws, historical considerations, and property size.
  • The next step was to develop a self audit that could be used by the company Risk Managers, specific to each property. This entailed an extreme level of unique question set development with technology to detect the property being audited to show or hide applicable categories.
  • Our next challenge was to insure the audit would be accessible to work offline, as most of the properties are in very remote locations.
  • Once the audit was designed, a custom Dashboard was created to show all  Regulatory and Loss Prevention performance company wide and with scorecards by property.
  • We also conducted Third Party audits at the properties to supplement the current Risk Manager group audits.
  • In 2015, an add on Action Plan module was implemented to clearly identify all corrective action needed by property, by department, with set ETA, and person responsible for each corrective step. This enhancement will allow more specific corrective action tracking and compliance.

The Results Were Amazing

We were engaged to provide the expertise necessary to quickly assess, develop strategies,  and identify gaps in policy and procedure as well as physical security related issues at each of the clients designated properties. This would include making recommendations for improvement to mitigate risks, extensive development of an Audit Program that would incorporate unique nuances of each property, and provide the Corporate Group with measurable and actionable data across all Regulatory Risk and Loss Prevention categories.

  • Corporate Insurance premiums were reduced as a result of this proactive initiative recognized by the company’s insurance broker.
  • Custom Risk Solutions conducted a diagnostic of their Risk & Loss Prevention program and developed a company-wide Risk and Loss Prevention Program.
  • The execution of regulatory and Loss Prevention programs has continuously improved in each property.