Food Industry Challenges

The Challenge

A company that manages a large fleet of food service providers had concerns with operational controls, systemic loss control and food safety compliance.

They turned to Custom Risk Solutions to develop a discreet evaluation program to review operations for targeted locations that showed clear loss patterns. The review would include observations of how food was prepared, stored, location cleanliness, staff professionalism, and most importantly transaction accuracy at the point of sale.

Our Approach

We developed a custom Mystery Shop evaluation covering 25 to 30 transactions. The evaluators reported key findings, including a recap of how transactions were handled, particularly at key busy times, and identified unauthorized discount issues, missed items and freebies, receipts printed and offered, and cash handling concerns. Our evaluators were trained for each unique environments and equipped to perform discreet onsite evaluations. Findings were provided in real time with photo documentation of key issues via the provided branded client portal and dashboard, which displays these findings and measurement across the organization.


The Results Were Amazing

Following completion of all evaluations, we briefed key findings to company leadership. Related briefing materials were provided so that leadership could share the finding with their field management for re-training purposes. The discoveries that resulted from this project provided data on actual internal theft issues and systemic control gaps that the organization has addressed with significant reductions in recorded losses.